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2015 Wedding Block Reserve

For the Wedding Block Reserve, we took the best four barrels from 2015 and aged them for an extra year for a total of 20 months in French oak. The wine in these barrels stood out on its own but the combination of the barrels checked all of the boxes I look for in a wine: Pronounced flavors, silky mouth feel, balance, structure and finish. The blend ended up being 64% Pommard and 36% Dijon 777, half aged the first year in new oak barrels and half aged in two-year old barrels. The wine was aged in neutral oak the second year.

After two years in oak and several years of barrel age, the characteristics we first saw in the wine just improved. The Pommard gives it a sultry, juicy foundation highlighted by intensely bright red fruit that expands as your savor the wine. As good as the flavors are, the most striking feature is how it feels in your mouth: Full, balanced and silky smooth with layers of flavors and sensations.