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A tasting term referring to the feel and taste of wine in the mouth. 'Nose' refers to the smell.

A tasting term referring to a delicate bouquet.

A measure of the intensity of the acidity (hydrogen ions) in grape juice and wine. pH is often a better measure of acid balance in a juice than is the total acidity.

A vine disease caused by an aphid attacking the roots. Originally from America (where native vines were resistant) this disease has caused widespread global damage. New vineyards are being planted on American resistant rootstock grafted with 'vitis vinifera' grape varieties.

The pomace is the residue of the harvest. It contains stems, skin and pips. It can be distilled to obtain raw brandy.

A fortified wine of Portugal, also known as Oporto. Very richly flavored and sweet. There are a number of different styles: tawny - aged in wooden barrels, rather than the bottle, the age (10 years etc.) refers to the average age of the wine in the barrel: colheita - refers to a port of a single vintage that has been aged in wooden barrels: vintage- port of a specific year that is aged in the bottle; late bottled - aged in the barrel but not for as long as a tawny port; ruby - about three years old, sweet and ruby red colored, usually fruity and ready to drink.

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