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Describes a wine that is losing color, fruit or flavor, usually as a result of age.

Grape sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by the action of yeast. For dry wines the process is allowed to continue until all the sugar has been converted into alcohol. For wines such as port, fermentation is stopped by the addition of high level alcohol which kills the yeast and allows some sugars to remain in the juice, unfermented.

The process of clarifying wine to remove any solids.

The taste that remains in the mouth after swallowing. A 'long finish' is desired in a good wine. Great wines have rich, long, complex finishes, also called aftertaste.

Soft, feeble, lacking acidity on the palate.

Having low acidity; the next stage after flabby. Can also refer to a sparkling wine that has lost its bubbles.

A tasting term referring to the flavor of grapes, which can include flavors of berries, citrus etc.

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