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We have seen the future, and believe the future belongs to screw caps. For so very many reasons. We realize that tradition and ceremony calls for using natural cork to seal wine bottles. But we've never been slaves to tradition or ceremony. We are convinced that screw caps offer our customers the best, most consistent product, so we bottle all of our wines -- even our top of the line Ribbon Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir -- with screw cap closures.

While I was working on writing more on screw cap closures, my Ribbon Ridge neighbor, Harry Pederson-Nedry of Chehalem Wines published an article on screw caps in the Chehalem Wines newsletter. It does an excellent job of covering all the issues so I'll take the easy way out and just recommend you read his article. Chehalem Wines -- Seeking Closure. Or, Screwcaps happen when the cork industry is satisfied with just screwing around.

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