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Wood-fired Oven At The Vineyard

In 2012 we built a wood-fired oven at the picnic pavilion and have been experimenting with it ever since. Pizza from the oven is terrific, with the slight char and smoke you only get from a really hot (900 degrees) wood-fired oven. We have cooked lots of other things as well, up to and including five-course wine dinners using only the oven and grill. We've even roasted a whole suckling pig, with help from a winegrower friend from Argentina.

Wood-fired Oven
Pizzas in the Wood-fired Oven

We continue to work on the event area. We now have added a massive smoker to the batterie du cuisine and this past summer built a Petanque court. And of course, we been cutting, stacking and storing lots of oak to feed the oven, grill and smoker. We plan on paving the pavilion floor with interlocking bricks this coming spring.

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