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Brick House Vineyards
Brick House Vineyards

Once you have faced the challenge of finding a site for a new vineyard, you never look at a hillside in the same way again. Every slope carries a certain signature. Some have particular allure. You instinctively gauge pitch and elevation. You automatically assess exposure to the wind and sun. Every hillside holds a unique promise. And when you find one where everything feels just right, the thrill is unforgettable. There are hills ...and then there are hills that have it all.

Surrounded by the fruit and hazelnut orchards above the Chehalem Valley, the rolling hills at Brick House compose just such a place. A New World site dedicated to Old World wisdom, and a way of growing grapes proven over a thousand years or more.

At Brick House, "organically grown" is more than just a phrase on the labels of our wines. It commits us to the old ways. From our first planting in May of 1990 until today, we have relied on basics. All our fruit is estate grown. All of it is certified organic. Elemental sprays like sulfur combat disease. Fundamental farming controls weeds and shapes the hillsides beneath our vines.

Brick House Vineyards

Brick House Vineyards
Lewis Rogers Road
Newberg , OR

(503) 538-5136

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