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Ribbon Ridge Vineyards is fortunate to be situated in a remarkable neighborhood. The geography, climate, topography, vineyards, wines, and the people of Ribbon Ridge combine to create a community unique in Oregon, and likely unique in the world. Over the past dozen years, the area has established itself as one of the most significant Pinot Noir producing regions in Oregon and all indications point to a continuing reputation for great wines.

What makes Ribbon Ridge unique? For one, its is the all-important terroir -- that interaction of geography, climate, topography, rootstock and clones that provides that foundation for a wine's character. But Ribbon Ridge is more than just terroir -- it is a state of mind. The growers and vintners of Ribbon Ridge share a passion for the land and its gifts that manifests itself in everything they do and every decision they make about the vineyard or wine. They are united in their dedication to produce the highest quality products in a responsible, sustainable manner. They have gone so far as to adopt a Statement of Principles that documents their commitment to quality products and sustainable agriculture. This, in and of itself, differentiates Ribbon Ridge from every other wine growing region and gives evidence to the sense of community in the Ribbon Ridge neighborhood.

There are four wineries and fourteen vineyards currently on Ribbon Ridge encompassing a total of 286 planted acres. In 2001, approximately 25,000 cases of wine were produced from grapes grown on Ribbon Ridge. The wines were (or will be) bottled under at least 11 different brands or lables, including ADEA, Adelsheim, Beaux Freres, Belle Pente, Brickhouse, Chehalem, Ken Wright Cellars, Patricia Green Cellars, Sinean, Stones' Throw and Whistling Ridge.

Topography and Climate
Ribbon Ridge extends southward from the Chehalem Mountains and rises to an elevation of 683 feet above the the Chehalem Valley floor.

Ribbon Ridge is a distinct natural formation with a unique geological profile that significantly distinguishes Ribbon Ridge soils from other regions in the Willamette Valley.

Ribbon Ridge AVA
The Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) designates "Ribbon Ridge" as an American viticultural area (AVA).

Statement of Principles
The members of the Ribbon Ridge Winegrowers Association have adopted a Statement of Principles to document their commitment to producing quality products in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Ribbon Ridge Video
The Ribbon Ridge video captures the essence of what makes Ribbon Ridge unique. It was developed in 2002 by Doug Tunnell, Patrica Green, Mike Etzel, and Harry Peterson-Nedry. In the near future look for a link here to play the video in your browser.



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