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Muse Early Muscat X (375 ml)     $20.00
Foris Vineyard

-- Muse -- our Early Muscat wine fortified with Early Muscat Grappa made from our wine and distilled by our friends at House Spirits.

Two years in development, Muse is an extraordinary rendition of Early Muscat wine, showcasing the grape's flair and panache. It is truly a delightfully unique experience. We hope you'll find it as inspiring as we do.

Enjoy it well chilled as an aperitif, with appetizers or Thai-spiced seafood. Because of the very low residual sugar (3.5%), Muse is not a traditional dessert wine, but it does pair well with lighter desserts or great chocolate. 375 ml.

Note: Muse has already inspired a new family of cocktails. We have developed some cocktail recipes and are actively working with local bartenders to expand the library of recipes.

Muse Recipes

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