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In 1978, Dewey and Robin Kelly purchased a 41-acre parcel on Ribbon Ridge with the expressed intent of developing a vineyard. They were the first to buy property on Ribbon Ridge for a vineyard. It would be 22 years before the vision was realized, but it was never far from their thoughts.

Dewey and Robin have been active in the Oregon food and wine industry for over 30 years. Robin is currently executive chef at the Racquet Club in Portland, a position she has held since 1981. After ten years in the restaurant business in Oregon, as a chef, manager, and consultant, Dewey has spent the past twenty-something years in international marketing roles with several high-tech companies. During that time, he continued to teach cooking classes, publish food and wine-related articles, and do lots and lots of research. (Be sure to check out their Food and Wine section for links, recipes, and articles.)

In 2000, they picked up where they left off 22 years before and began developing the vineyard property in earnest. They contracted with Advanced Vineyard Systems to plant and develop the initial nine acres. Today, AVS does most of the heavy lifting but Robin helps with the pruning and other field work and Dewey helps with the tractor work every chance he gets. Their daughters, Melissa and Jessica, share their interest in the vineyard and participate as work, family and other activities permit.

Granddaughter Haley, now 9, already has eight vintages under her belt and is making a name for herself with her Lavender Butter Cookies (see Recipes). Grandson Will enjoyed his first harvest in 2014.

Haley and Will Helping Out

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